Eurosport MPG Rewards

The Pit Malta February 13, 2022 at 6:45 PM

📢 Hear Hear! 📢  

EUROSPORT will be shifting fully digital to its MPG REWARDS APP by 31st March 2022. 🚨 As of 1st APRIL 2022, any PIT / Underworld  Discount CARDS will NO LONGER be accepted at any of the EUROSPORT stores.🚨 Members will ONLY be able to access their discounts via the ➡️MPG REWARDS APP ⬅️ Your can download and register for EUROSPORT'S ➡️MPG REWARDS APP ⬅️ as follows:

➡️ Scanning the attached QR Code 

➡️ MPG Website:

➡️ App Store/Play Store (“MPG Rewards”)


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